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The impact and importance of toys on dogs

by:Zhierde     2021-03-19
1. Tips for helping dogs choose toys
1. Material must be paid attention to
To match the dog's personality, because some dogs are more impulsive and may be easy to bite things, you must choose a relatively sturdy material or a toy that will not be dangerous if bitten.
It is essential to play with toys for dogs.
2. The toy is the right size
First of all, you must first choose a toy that is suitable for your dog. If it is too small, it will not consume energy for the dog; if it is too large, it will make it difficult for the dog to play with the toy.
3. You can let the dog pick
It's like helping children pick toys. Let them choose what they like so that they don't want to play for a while. You can let the dog know which one she is more interested in. The owner can refer to it.
Second, the benefits of playing with toys.
1. More interaction with the host
The owner can use the toy to interact with the dog. In this way, the dog will like this toy more. For example, the game of throwing a ball and picking up a ball is almost a favorite of all dogs!
2. Increase its activity
The dog is a lively pet because it needs to consume some of its physical strength; the toy plays a significant role at this time. Sometimes you can see the dog playing with the toy.
3. Enrich your dog's life
If there is no one to accompany the dog to play, the dog will also be depressed. Therefore, toys can also help the dog to reduce stress and reduce the possibility of destructive behavior.
Three, other matters needing attention
1. Must be replaced frequently
Dogs are just like us. They will get bored after playing the same things for a long time. Therefore, we must regularly change toys for the dog to keep her enthusiasm for toys to have fun!
2. Don't be greedy for small and cheap
Don't be greedy for cheap and buy some toys with poor texture at will. For example, plush toys may cause dog skin diseases, and biting toys may easily cause pets to eat by mistake!
3. Clean regularly
Regardless of the toy's material, the owner should clean it regularly; otherwise, the number of bacteria on the toy is very considerable, affecting the health of the dog, which will put the cart before the horse!
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