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The mixed plastic pet dog toys, how to prevent?

by:Zhierde     2020-12-02
In the good and bad are intermingled in the pet toys, how to prevent? Now children toy toy quality on the market, can be described with the good and bad are intermingled. There are a lot of small toy manufacturer, do not hesitate to shoddy, not only harmful to the body of children especially big, but also by the law. What are the potential safety hazard pet toys? Pet toys manufacturers to introduce below:

plastic renewable source of enterprise to use complex simple processing of waste plastics into '2', supply toy factory toy production of raw materials, which is caused by harmful chemicals in plastic toys and plastic material, the structure safety of the main causes of quality problems.

plastic recycling use, can reduce energy consumption and protect the environment, in the plastic products industry, recycling plastics ( Commonly known as '2') Has a very wide range of use. However, for the recycling of plastic strength, stiffness and resistance to impact is not reduced, in the process of recycling, individual toy production enterprises tend to add plasticizer, etc. To improve its performance. In the process of recycling of waste plastics processing granulation again, also adding tetralin, alpha Some organic solvents such as methyl styrene or formaldehyde. These chemical residues, will constitute a certain security risk to the human body.

the use of recycling plastic toys products, its product quality and safety hidden danger may be manifested in three aspects:

it is plastic, the strength, stiffness and impact resistance performance, easy to be broken or broken, make the widget or falling debris, are in danger of be swallowed by children, at the same time, its produce sharp tip easily hurt children;

2 it is possible to add too much plasticizer, cause excessive plasticizer;

3 is in the process of waste plastics recycling dissolved, the harmful material in solvent, especially volatile organic compounds in the finished product, may cause harm to consumers.
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