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The number of stray dogs and cats public welfare in action

by:Zhierde     2020-12-02
( Reading] Someone said: a country of great extent and degree of progress can be measured by the animals in the country. Want to carefully, the same is true. All the creatures living in the world
somebody said: a country of great extent and degree of progress can be measured by the animals in the country. Want to carefully, the same is true. All creatures in the world live in the earth. And humans was taken for granted that are the masters of the world. But every creature in the world are equal. Gradually change the world. Not because some people do well, but because everyone do a little bit, to the best of our own strength.
countless stray cats and dogs from the city of our life. They should live in the nature, but for human being monitored are your own. However, they did not get well cared for. Instead all the human all to abandoned them for some reason. The world health organization has already seen this problem, a pet dog and the dog toy association also pay attention to this problem, the Chinese people also see this problem at the grassroots level stray cats and dogs in residential areas, campus, frequent activities in the park. Occasionally, get the favour of people and get food. But because of their existence, brought trouble to people's life, so, people began to drive them. In the world did not their place. In pet dogs and dog toy newspaper reports of cruelty to animals emerge in endlessly. People keep them as appendages of the world, its cruel beyond the human imagination. In this case, we found that there are a lot of good people or even institutions gradually began to take these stray cats and dogs.
reporter visited a school. When she heard outside walls of barking. Into the courts, in the courtyard of the notorious cats and dogs are everywhere. This environment really let a person heart, then to hungry the relief stations staff core. The surname Yang lady said, cats and dogs here are abandoned in the street. Look at these cute have poor little cute, really don't have the heart to ignore them and then the pet dogs and dog toy shelter is set up for a while. Young auntie is a simple honest man, the arrival of the us is a little bit nervous, she said she adopted the dog and the dog toy is not in order to gain attention, just out of his love for them, and these dogs and dog toys, young auntie is especially excited, kept told us between her and the pet dog and the dog toy dribs and drabs. Establish animal shelter is not a simple job, young auntie to stay off your job and or a series of preparations, but her family can't understand for what I was doing, take out their savings quit her job. Just these stray animals. Fortunately, the behavior of the young auntie got the support of many people in the society, especially the local students and some retired old man, and will lend a helping hand, donate some supplies, or to do volunteer work.
advanced stray animals has been a social problem worth thinking about, this is a gradually developed process, but we firmly believe that animals will get more and more people's support, will also gradually increase.
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