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The other people all said plastic pet dog toy is toxic, is that true?

by:Zhierde     2020-12-02
Toy is a baby playmate, almost every baby have their own toys, and in the midst of these toys, pet toys, plastic toys. Plastic toys is not easy to bad and not broken, plastic toys, variety complete, the most popular among babies, the baby to play a long time. Some babies will plastic toys bit in your mouth, so the parents want to know about plastic toys poisonous?

inferior plastic toys may contain phthalates. A us study found that long-term exposure to phthalates can cause genital malformation. Phthalic acid ester compounds can be contact, breathing, and eating into the body through the skin and cause harm to human body health, a cancer, reproductive toxicity and mutagenic. It can be used as a plasticizer for plastic toys.
phthalic acid esters plasticizer is mainly used for PVC material, can make the PVC materials by hard plastic into elastic soft plastic, have the effect of plasticizer, is widely applied in medical bags and plastic, toys, food contact materials and other products.

how to choose the safety of plastic toys

a, want to see the toys gloss and crisper

high quality plastic toys on the gloss and crisper than inferior toys more excellent performance. This is because the quality of plastic toys are usually made of PVC, PP, PE and other plastic raw materials, plastic itself is very glossy.
and many inferior toys usually adopt 'material' ( The waste plastics recycling and processing of materials) And after reprocessing into color variation. Although not necessarily can ensure the safety of colour and lustre is good will, but poor gloss,
colorful degree difference are unsafe products.

2, depends on the thickness of the products

plastic toys is the biggest characteristic is the finished products or components of disposable injection molding, if inside a thin plastic toys, when children play is easy to broken, drop, plastic brittle fracture produce little pieces, sharp edges and corners, dangerous for
the baby. Generally marginal or arc plastic wall thicker than other place, so that increased damage when a toy fall to the ground to bear ability, reduce the extent of damage.

3, to look at the 3 c authentication of toys and label instructions

3 c authentication is short for China compulsory product certification. Regulations of the state, plastic toys to passed the national mandatory product certification, is to have 'CCC' mark. If there is no 3 c certification, product packaging that the product is fake
and inferior products. 3 c mark is not a quality mark, however, is one of the most basic security certification, can only prove that the product qualified, can't prove product performance is very excellent. Also, check the manufacturer, producing area, main material
component, warning signs, such as product certification label.

4, need to smell the plastic toys,

German consumer protection center, points out that if some children's toys have pungent odor, you should contain harmful substances, such as phthalate plasticizers such harmful substances. Therefore, we suggest that you smell smell when buying toys. Have
expert advice, can put toy washing, drying, the plastic smell volatile out as far as possible, reduce the peeling paint and heavy metal content of them. If plastic toys out and can tolerate high temperature, can also be toys
the cooked to use again.

5, want to try out the plastic toys

for security reasons, when mom and dad are buying toys suggest try hard, to see whether there is potential safety hazard and is suitable for the baby. At the time of trial, the sway toys to see if the parts can be strong, to see if there are small parts;
Or pull on the rope toys, whether length is appropriate; When choosing talking toys, want to try it's voice is too loud. Best to touch the toy detail and see if there is a sharp
object, so as not to scratch the baby.
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