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The role of the pet chews toys

by:Zhierde     2021-03-23
Many dogs like to grind their teeth when changing teeth, but if you don't give them a special chew toy at this time, then your furniture or shoes are likely to suffer. Dog chew toys are not only designed for dogs in the changing teeth period but can also be used to clean the mouth of dogs in adulthood.

For a puppy who is growing teeth, biting is a normal phenomenon. Especially at the age of 3 to 6 months, the deciduous teeth fall out, and new teeth are constantly emerging. At this time, biting can help them relieve the discomfort caused by tooth replacement and help the new teeth pass out smoothly. Gums. Dogs love to bite when grinding teeth for the following reasons. Puppies have one month long deciduous teeth and 3-4 months of replacement of permanent teeth. During this period, dogs will feel pain and discomfort. Because grinding teeth can alleviate their discomfort, so They can bite many things in the home. Physiological rules, such as starting to change teeth, especially biting things when changing molars. Although we fully understand and fully understand the meaning of baby teeth replacement. Still, if the object of its teeth grinding is your baby shoes, I am afraid you will not continue to understand and calm down.

Dog chew toys can help dogs grind their teeth and remove bad breath. But it is better to choose better quality dog ??chews, such as those with milky white and milky taste! There are also dog chews with unpleasant smells. Often dogs don't like to eat, and the quality may not be very good!

Try not to eat meaty or heavy-tasting foods for your dog so that it will become picky eaters and have a dull sense of smell and taste! Pet molar toys and dog cleaning toys are just like humans; pets also like toys, even if their parents are not there; it can also exercise their brain and sense organs. Cotton rope toys are the kind of toys that pets love and are useful! Cotton rope toys, also known as tooth cleaning toys-tooth brushing ropes, are made of colored cotton rope bones. A machine knots the rope bones. Will not be easily bitten or disassembled by dogs. The unique whisker shape can replace the feeling of mops and slippers at home, can prevent pets from destroying furniture and shoes, and it is strong and resistant to biting. The cute shape and elegant colors help dogs clean their teeth. Healthy chewing toys contribute to the healthy development of the dog's teeth and gums.

Four must-have teething toys for pets
1. Bone shape cleansing rope
It is made of colored cotton rope with a bone-like appearance. The rope bones are strong and not easy to be bitten or disassembled by dogs. The cotton rope is harmless and non-toxic. The dog bites and plays not only to relieve boredom but also to clean the teeth. Even if you eat some cotton rope, it will not have a bad effect on the body.

2. Loofah bone toys
Dog toys made of loofah are very popular nowadays. This model is made into a bone shape, which is very pleasing to dogs. The pure natural loofah is non-toxic and harmless. It can help dogs clean their teeth, and they can also let the dogs at home have toys to play with, which will not be bored and prevent them from suffering from depression.

3. Plush bone toys
Plush toys are also a kind of toy that dogs like very much. Bone-shaped plush toys, built-in speakers, will make a sound when you bite a dog, which greatly stimulates the dog's curiosity, never get tired of playing, and can even enjoy it in the corner.

4. Rubber bone toys
Made of natural rubber, the biggest advantage is that it has good flexibility and bite resistance. No matter how powerful the dog's teeth are, they can last a long time. And the small round nail design on the bone can massage the dog's mouth, and the focus is on cleaning the teeth to make the dog's teeth cleaner.
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