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To do well the appearance of the plastic pet dog toy modelling is in the details

by:Zhierde     2020-12-02
To do well the appearance of the plastic pet dog toy modelling is in the details.

plastic I think that a product's appearance modelling is that workers do every detail of the product. The goods out of evade glue look at you with forceps method is right. Out of the goods is serious deformation, if improper use pliers, produced goods will affect the number of edge is not neat. But also affect the injection location deviation. Side such as eyes, nose is not in the middle, clothes edge is not neat, and so on a series of problems. The injection also should pay attention to details. As yellow as if it is too thick head of hair, look can give a person feel too dirty and messy, if spray a little bit small, into a string cable, the sense that gives a person is pure and true. The size of the teeth and clothes on are all factors in determining the quality of the entire product.

as dinosaurs in the eye, it's every position of each eye you should pay attention to. Standing dinosaur is look into my eyes, and head of the lateral side of dinosaurs which side it is lateral, eye side in the same direction as well. Up small eyes point must be followed before and after the location of the position of the dragon is right, and the size should have asked, position must be correct, the dinosaurs of each nail color to reach the designated position, if not reach the designated position can appear very untidy, make the product will be very not specifications, so although is a pet dog toys, but to make the pet toys with good quality also should pay attention to many details.

ordinary people say detail decides success or failure, quality is the soul of the survival of each manufacturer. Plastic to the quality for this, to each customer's interests, engaged in the plastic pet dog toy production 30 years, trustworthy.

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