Unqualified plastic pet dog toys for children harm have how old

by:Zhierde     2020-12-02
Recently, the personage inside course of study revealed that the domestic enterprise production of children's toys have two sets of standards, export standard is very high, non-toxic, harmless and raw materials, and the domestic use is there are a lot of concerns about dyes and low cost of raw materials. Especially in the domestic plastic toys, phthalic acid ester is widespread, and in Europe and the United States and other countries and regions, it has been banned in the children's products. Why repeated banned phthalates repeated heavily major producers use? What are the opportunities hidden?

to this, there are wholesalers, in the domestic plastic toys indeed contains phthalates, more because of the added plasticizer to the toy material cost is low, and the domestic standard relative to foreign standards 'loose', so many toy factory are added.

what phthalic acid ester is

the phthalic acid ester is mainly used for plastic plasticizer, can make the plastic become soft, enhance the feel. Medical experts say, phthalates may affect the fetus and infant hormones in the body, causing a hormone imbalance, could lead to sexual maturity, affect the reproductive system, and cause other health problems.

protective measures

our prompt, consumers in the choose and buy toys for your child, try to choose formal channels of purchase, such as formal shopping malls, mother and baby commodities store, brand stores, etc. Don't buy the goods of unknown origin channel. Children's toys mark on the market, especially the material logo is too simple, only the 'plastic', 'PVC', etc. Some plastic toys pungent odor, there is also rub off phenomenon. Some even no manufacturer site information, no 3 c certification, QS mark. Should be careful when choosing to purchase, the use of plastic toys, try to avoid surface children lick or chew toy.

at the same time, the government should increase the urging of the production and sale of plastic toys enterprises, product quality and safety and responsibility. Strictly control the raw material quality control system, give full consideration to protect children's safety and health requirements, fundamentally eliminate product safety hidden trouble. If the circumstances are relatively serious shall, in accordance with the relevant laws and regulations, assume corresponding responsibility.

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