What are the advantages of baby dog toy puzzle?

by:Zhierde     2020-12-02
What are the advantages of baby jigsaw puzzle?

in summary, puzzles toys for baby's intelligence development, there are eight big role:

1. Learn the relationship between 'part' and the 'whole'

jigsaw puzzle can let the baby know many 'part' to piece together a 'whole', and 'a whole' is composed of many parts '.

2. Training plan combination, the concept of

blocks is the combination of three-dimensional, and the concept of jigsaw puzzle is a kind of plane combination, in a limited range of 2 d spell out an item, a logical things.

3. Learn to order/order/logical meaning

many baby at first contact more pieces of puzzle, naturally know to spell from the edge, this is where the significance of the study and logical order, order, and learning from the observation and judgment classification, he must observe the correct spelling on the sample, can spell out the correct answer.

4. Improve operations and hand-eye coordination

puzzle need baby to the operation of the patient, and hand-eye coordination, as long as a mismatch color piece can not be in the right place. The beginning of the baby, as long as the exercise a few times more naturally.

5. Observation, cultivate patience, concentration

just began to learn the puzzle, usually from the pattern of daily life spell, so the baby to be familiar with the things around, can according to the logic to spell out the correct graphic. In addition, puzzles also can develop baby's patience and attention, allows him to do a thing to sit on.

6. To study the methods and strategies to solve the problem

puzzles can learn reasoning ability to think, because the baby will try different choices, determine the correct a down, namely after hypothesis, judgement to the selection process, learning to use logic to solve the problem.

7. Increasing frustration tolerance and endurance

the baby was playing with the puzzle process will inevitably have misspelled, then he will feel frustration, I don't want to play, but adults can help, help the baby through.

8. From chaos/damage reconstruction, to establish self-confidence

when babies finish puzzles, would feel a sense of accomplishment, this is a very important element, improve baby's interest and let him independently puzzle source of confidence in the future.

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