What brand of plastic pet dog toys? What is the reference standard?

by:Zhierde     2020-12-02
What brand of pet toys? The following three points can refer to:

1, choose
toys no matter simple or complicated, it is best to have YiZhiXing finally. You can choose the toys first function is simple but there are several kinds of play toys; You can also choose the toy itself can give their children a lot of imagination and creation of space, you can for a long time to draw attention to babies.
pick material of the toy material is the best natural, durable, feel good, easy to clean, can withstand the baby fell, play, play again. In general, wooden toys than metal toys, in addition to the quality is light, easy to grasp, also can develop the children's nature, environmental protection concept; Plastic, rubber toys, should choose soft hard moderate, not easily broken.

2, heavy security many adults were attracted by the function of the toy and beautiful appearance, and ignore its security issues. The first is whether the toy SP security identity; The second is to avoid toys with small parts;

3, avoid playing too hard and sharp part, also cannot too;

4, choose 'green material', even if the baby bit in your mouth will not pose a threat to his safety and health, etc.

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