What if the dog exhibits destructive chewing behavior?

by:Zhierde     2021-03-16
Destructive chewing is most common in dogs who are bored, anxious or stressed. One of the common causes is separation anxiety caused by dogs being left alone at home. If you find a crumpled crate, baby door, door frame, or window frame when you get home, it is likely that your dog is trying to escape, which is a way for it to cope with anxiety. When the owner is away from home all day, many dogs will naturally feel bored, leading to destructive chewing. Leaving the dog alone at home for 8 to 10 hours is mainly similar to going a toddler alone for so long. The boredom that leads to destructive chewing may also be due to a lack of sufficient exercise, game time, or daily mental stimulation.

Also, changes in the dog's daily habits, or the reduction or addition of a family member (whether it is a pet or a human member), can cause stress and cause destructive chewing. Fortunately, the chewing problem can be solved by redirecting the dog to chew the appropriate objects, thus ensuring the dog's health and protecting your personal belongings. But remember, before your dog learns what to chew and what not to chew, you need to make sure that he has no chance to chew things that shouldn't be chewed.
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