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by:Zhierde     2020-12-02
To grow what is
the injury is stumbling,
stumbling to learn to strong.

what is growth, growth is to know me yesterday,

I know today, the pursuit of me tomorrow.

what is growth, growth is a bounded
send a love letter,
piles of empty beer bottles,
with an oath to god bucket is determination.

what is growth,
growth is in the best mood, although experienced pain and darkness,
but I still believe that the world is pure and good.

what is growth,
sometimes think growth is a kind of sadness,
because grow, laugh no longer pure, cry will not thoroughly.

what is growth, growth is like:
a brick in the ground covered with the house of life, the style of the
whether you built the fancy or simple,
it is unique in this world.

the so-called growth,
is more and more able to accept their original appearance,
also can better and lonely, lost themselves, to defeat yourself.
and accept it, then face it.
growth is to learn to handle their emotions,
whether in prosperity or adversity,
learn to face yourself,
try to become a more let oneself to like yourself.

plastic co. , LTD. Of shenzhen remind everybody:
the so-called growth is,
no matter how old you are,
in fact your psychology has never stopped growing,
grow mature is the best explanation.
a good love oneself, know yourself, sharpening, enrich himself,
that growth will be in the right direction.

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