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by:Zhierde     2020-12-02
What is happiness, I think happiness is with a grateful heart,
keep the water out dull day,
in the best age to meet a need to please people,
live if you leave, I will life and death dependent life.

the happiness of childhood, is five hair moneys Popsicle,
is made by their father rolled a hoop,
is mom overnight overalls,
at the time, it is easy to happiness,
red frets that exam 100 points are always with me,
hate is how unique female classmate and I wear the same dress. 。 。 。 。 。

the adolescent happiness, is you have to do
is ideal, we say now only then not use it set as the goal,
because puberty we are fickle,
I don't know which day will be replaced by his own idea of all of a sudden,
with their own aesthetic,
has its interest in a particular direction,
have the like of the object for the first time, have more growing pains.

happiness, now want to get a seems to be difficult,
although I always feel want seems simple,
sometimes happiness is can sleep a lie-in,
sometimes happiness is a bosom friend to accompany you for a walk,
happiness is upset, sometimes there is a you say what he is loyal audience nodded with a smile.
sometimes, happiness is when you success, someone will immediately echoed: you & other; 给我五”。

in the face of life, in fact, most people will feel present situation is not very desirable,
think life is not good, work is not ideal,
love not perfect, Money is always not enough use,
but dear, if you think,
would you please let himself strong, and if you are well.
which are eligible to ask others, demands material, life
don't always look up and envy the happiness of others,
one day you will discover that you have been in others look and envy.

no one will accompany you for a lifetime, so you have to learn to face loneliness.
no one can take care of you for a lifetime, so you always struggle.
no matter you happy laugh, cry of anguish, is indispensable to life experience.
no one will be plain sailing, always has experienced ups and downs,
tasted the suantiankula, you will feel full of life.
in fact, happiness is not forget each one,
just our happiness forever just in the eyes of others.
if you feel the future is very confused, then you have to do now your own first.
because no matter how much you today, tomorrow the leaves will fall down,
all arrival will not advance or delay.
the earth won't stop turning for you.
to learn hard, struggle, learn to be grateful, learn to content,
I want to be happy about will always stick with you.

plastic co. , LTD. Of shenzhen remind to friends who are struggling to happiness:
want to happiness, actually So easy!
six words: the harder, the more lucky!

a: what is grown on the
a: learn to put down to live in the present

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