What is the distinguishing feature of plastic pet dog toys?

by:Zhierde     2020-12-02
In ordinary life, shopping malls, family, entertainment facilities, such as can be seen everywhere all kinds of pet toys, for what is the distinguishing feature of pet toys? I believe you do not understand, so small make up to you to introduce the characteristics of it.

1. Thermal expansion of plastic raw materials, the linear expansion coefficient is larger than metal many;

2. General plastic material stiffness of one order of magnitude lower than the metal;

3. The mechanical properties of plastic raw materials under long time heating can significantly decrease;

4. General plastic raw materials at room temperature and below the yield strength under the stress of stress for a long time, there will be a permanent deformation.

5. Plastic material is sensitive to damage of gap;

6. Is usually lower than the metal on the mechanical properties of plastic raw materials, but some than strength and modulus of the composite material is higher than metal, if the product design is reasonable, will be more to play up the superiority;

7. Generally improving plastic raw materials mechanics performance is all members of the opposite sex;

8. Some plastic raw material moisture absorption, and lead to change size and performance;

9. Some plastics are combustible;

10. Plastic raw material fatigue data is very few, need to be considered according to the using requirement.
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