What is the oil furnace dog toys

by:Zhierde     2020-12-02
Believe many people know that the injection and evade glue pet toys, pet dog toys and online also introduced a lot of evade glue pet dog toys, small make up how also can not search on the net is introduced oil furnace dog toys. Small make up believe or how many friends dog toy is unknown white oil furnace. Now it's time to introduce oil furnace dog toy craft!

oil furnace process in our peers have called thermal lining.

first to introduce machine oil furnace, oil furnace machine has two size pool, big pond with a high degree of heat conducting tube. After electric heating to heat conduction through it. Big pool is industrial wax is put inside, why choose to put the wax, because the la has a feature that is la melt into liquid when they are heated and can rise to more than 200 degrees. Is water inside the small pool is to mould cooling.

the modulation good PVC glue paste into production mold and fill up inside, and then packed with PVC mucilage production mode of 200 degrees liquid wax in the furnace pot to boil for 10 seconds or so close to the mold wall to produce cooking molding with scattering mucilage. Then remove them production mode is not thoroughly to pour out redundant mucilage and then put the mould in the oil furnace to reheat until mold wall rubber is done, it will take 1 - the heating process About 3 minutes. Take out the mould on specific die position to pull out the glue is the shape of the products.

the follow-up after a batch of shuikou, cleaning, return type, fuel injection, assembly, flocking, some products also need flocking after injection. After the packaging is product of what we see.

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