What toy do dogs like best?

by:Zhierde     2020-12-29

If the owner is often away from home, you can put the clothes you don't need in the dog's den, which makes it feel safe and feels that the owner is by his side. And you can buy some sound-producing toys, which makes the dog feel safe and happy. You can also buy some frisbees to exercise your dog's vital capacity and body. During teeth grinding. It's best to buy some molar bones for dogs that can be bought in pet shops, so that you don't often bite on the sofa furniture and make you angry.

If your dog does not have a favorite source toy, it may be because your dog’s toy is not attractive to it. The dog spends most of the time at home, so the choice of alone toy should attract its attention. There are many toys that are powerful and relatively safe, and there are already many toys on the market alone, so you can search directly on the corresponding website.
My dog’s first solitary toy was Xingji. It was brought back by a friend from the United States. Later, I bought it directly from a certain online store in China. There are many types of toys at Xingji’s house. I bought it directly for the dog. Come back four or five, there are both leaky and biting ones. Put the snacks in the toys before going to work and put them in the dishwasher directly after get off work. Sometimes you will take a rope. Going through the toy and playing tug-of-war with the dog is pretty good in short.
Of course, if your dog is not born to play with toys, you can start with a spiral pestle tooth pie, which tastes like chicken, and can be eaten directly, simple and crude. I hope the subject can find suitable toys for your dog.

Why do dogs not like playing with toys

The reasons why pet dogs don’t like to play with dog toys may include many aspects. If it is an older dog, it may have a more stable personality and no longer interested in which toys, or it may be because the owner buys a toy that is not a dog Interested, not the toys it likes to play with. On the other hand, there are many types of pet dogs, and different pet dogs have different preferences and personalities. As long as the owner carefully observes and analyzes, he can understand his own dog’s preferences, and then buy those that are possible. Interested toys, so that you can reduce the waste of money. On the last hand, if the owner is away from home for a period of time and wants to use a dog toy to comfort the dog, then the dog does not play with toys but tricks at home, which is most likely a way for the dog to seek attention. The dog may find that only by making a mess in the house can he get the attention of the owner after returning home, even if it is beaten and scolded, they will be very happy.

In view of the above three different situations, the dog toy wholesale editor recommends that you treat them according to the situation. For older dogs, you can not force them. For issues that are not interested in dogs, the owner should learn more about their pets and seek attention for dogs. At this time, the owner needs to train the dog well. You can’t just give the dog toys to solve the dog’s troublesome problem, and you can’t beat and scold the dog just because the dog is alone at home. You know why you Of dogs don’t like playing with toys, how should they deal with these problems?
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