Why buy plastic pet dog toys first smell

by:Zhierde     2020-12-02
Children's toys is everyone childhood memories, children's toys to children bring happiness at the same time, pet toys, plush toys, such as its product quality and safety for many parents.

on March 10, the shenyang municipal industrial and commercial bureau issued plastic children's toys consumption hints, if plastic children's toys product packaging without 3 c certification, shows that the product is fake and inferior products, parents should carefully choose and buy.

according to the Ministry of Commerce and industry, from law enforcement agencies to supervise the quality of children's plastic toys results point of view, a few children's plastic toys quality does not meet the national standards, especially some traffickers with some inferior plastic plastic toys and some leftover material production is not suitable for children to play, plastic toys, the toys are potentially dangerous for the baby.

yesterday, the reporter visited several shopping malls and supermarkets in shenyang, business super toy sales areas sell plastic toys on commodity packaging is marked with the 3 c certification, at the same time, according to the toy design is different, most have products on the outer packing is suitable for labeling information age safety tips.

the reporter interviewed 20 random parents give children to buy toys, most of parents said, give the child of choose and buy toys will generally to large shopping malls and supermarkets, buy heed on product packaging product information.

but for how to identify the inferior plastic toys, most of parents said, only by price and brand to judge the quality of the products, as for the identification of the specific knowledge is more scarce.

the Ministry of Commerce and industry suggested that the young parents, as far as possible when the choose and buy toys for baby to regular stores to buy, do not go to buy cheap cheap, and pay attention to keep purchase, read the instructions carefully before use, and guide the rational use of children, since the childhood train children's safety consciousness, can reduce the risk of product safety, avoid to get hurt.
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