Why need to wash before plastic pet dog toys

by:Zhierde     2020-12-02
We all know that children like toys very much, so may many parents believe that pet toys as long as you buy toys products subject to the relevant national standards, will not harm health, but it is not, children's toys generally contain heavy metal elements, and how to conform to the standard of qualified toys, also just the content of harmful elements, less harm to the human body is relatively small, and that may be due to the production process, and surface residual many metal elements, etc. , so parents don't rely too much on science and technology, should be before the children to play with pet toys, the toys first cleaning, can be more at ease.

pet toys manufacturers understand that recently, a survey was done, to prove that the toy is generally contain heavy metals. So he invited folk environmental protection organization professionals from large natural university online mall, supermarket, roadside stands, and other common buy toys place buy plastic toys, building blocks toys and choi clay toys and so on six kinds, and heavy metal content are verified through the elements of the portable analyzer.

it was found that although the toys generally contains metal elements such as lead, chromium, but meet the national standard of the toy, the estimation of children toys and intake of heavy metals are less likely to affect health. But for many of the good and bad are intermingled toys, otherwise it will be difficult to guarantee.

actually heavy metal is not mainly in the plastic, but from the coating material, in order to make toys product color bright attractive, paint and coating is necessary materials, even if the use of recycled plastic, also contain harmful heavy metals. We all know, the human body excessive intake of heavy metals will be poisoning, serious endanger life, when it's dangerous. And children through a heavy metal toys, eating the toy pieces to heavy metal elements, can cause chronic effects, such as children's mental retardation, blood disease, such as easy to induce liver cirrhosis or liver cancer.

so it is important to protect clean toys, parents are first purchase qualified standard of toys, and then clean, put them under the sun to dry, if the mark can be high temperature resistant plastic toys, toys can be boiled, or ironed with boiled water reuse.
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