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by:Zhierde     2020-12-02
If hold a session of the Olympic Games and anime, you will see YouXiYang sheep, Wolffy and bear, bear two led the Chinese team against the iron man, batman, spiderman, led by the United States. If the games took place in a few decades ago, we do not necessarily not a relatively high and low, with the United States at that time the Chinese team in the Monkey King, gourd brothers, which zha is in a group of excellent players. However, when we see that the Chinese team composed of young animals, we clearly the result of the game is not very optimistic. The China youth daily social survey center recently, according to a survey of over 86. 7% of the respondents said, we now need to excellent domestic cartoon characters.

review domestic animation film began in the 1920 s, for example WJH brothers in 'princess iron fan' Monkey King in 'make heaven' appearance shape, not inferior to the same time Disney's level. However, in the creation of on the basis of the traditional hand-painted technology to digital transformation process, the gap between the us and the world first-class animation design level gradually widened. Today, most local cartoon characters or constrained by tradition, or superficial imitation on technology and art are unable to support the presence of the classic image.

to shape a good anime character, in addition to the artists, also need the screenwriter, director, dubbing, distribution and so on various type of work, including story writing, the short of domestic animation in animation works, how absorbingly speak good Chinese story, naturally penetrate into the local value in the anime characters, is the direction of the local animation works.

in addition & other; Appearance level & throughout; Is not high, the lack of local outstanding anime characters, and forms the isolated. Although the development of Chinese animation industry over a period of time after made great progress, but the content production is still in a state of lack of linkage, isolated. For example, a lot of cartoon image is created, just stay on the cartoon network, WeChat expressions such as low-end applications, vitality and influence is quite limited. And diffuse power companies in the United States since 2008, in the iron man, the incredible hulk, thor and captain America comics superhero on the movie screen, then they are assembled for & other; The avengers alliance & throughout; So far, in 13 films created more than 10 billion dollars worldwide.

and the United States through the film as the carrier communication cartoon image is different, the focus will be made animated cartoon image, greatly expand the business value. Draw lessons from Japan's animation industry, we should also pay attention to the overall development of the industry, film, television, Internet and other mass media spread for anime, from multiple & other; Contact & throughout; Interact with other industries, create animation industry consortium.

it should be noted that with the development of the social network, the Internet users gradually formed a different online communities, in small & other Circle & throughout; In the present a distinctive group characteristics. Data show that the current domestic & other; Secondary yuan & throughout; Population has reached 2. 200 million, 62. 9% of the 90, 00 after teenagers, they more in-depth understanding of animation culture, the future will provide strong support for the development of domestic animation.

to the point that the local animation experience in nearly 10 years of development, from inheritance to improve, from imitation to innovation, gradually broke the us-japan monopoly, appeared the warlords moon 'painting river's lake' and so on one batch of high quality work, the return of another to catch demon, animated films also achieved excellent market performance and the public, this is development & other; Window & throughout; 。 We look forward to, the Chinese animation doesn't stop there, the future creates more with the appearance of modern and contemporary personality, time spirit and character of Chinese cultural connotation, to speak good Chinese story richer appeal.

source: Guangming Daily author: Zhu Chuanxin

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a: 86. 7% of respondents think that we need good local anime characters

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