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by:Zhierde     2020-12-02
Plastic I grew up with shenzhen

today, plastic in the summer of 1990 with my son entered the moved into the new factory of ping shannan cloth called steady high plastic products factory. Factory have 2 layer 3 of the workshop, a three layer of dormitory building. Department adds to the car and sewing department, from 8 up to 10 departments, companies are plentiful.

plastic I can only take son lived in the dormitory of the factory. My husband from captain promoted to director, wages are from the original 500 yuan to 1200 yuan. Company to each director points in a large room. In which year was the company of evade glue made millions of first generation bust superman, the entire evade glue workshop and group of front part are crammed with superman. Evade glue also produced Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, and so on. Company staff to work overtime every day.

plastic I grew up as the son day after day I have started to enter the shop to work, which each department in the factory began to piece, one month wages are higher than a month.

a: 6 anniversary on
a: plastic pet dog toys processing brought me of those 'welfare'

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