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by:Zhierde     2020-12-07
Just after the Spring Festival, the trains are all over the country, guangdong province, this let young people full of hope. I also came to luen hing following enterprise, with a southbound train into the busy work.

just feel very tired, you start to work as passed gradually began to become accustomed to this kind of life. 2 months before the start, made dozens of pupil plane, dolls, all kinds of design also reminds me of when I'm reading the plane get a simple cannot again simple pen. Series, including animal world series, cartoon characters Mickey Mouse and humanoid doll series, and Donald Duck series products and so on.

in front of department made more than a year of time gradually began to piece in the factory, wages are higher than the previous year, but only 200 multivariate money one day. I gradually began to want to evade glue machine, I go to work and study, finally to evade glue I learned to do. Do we have a total of six women learn evade glue, in September when I finally use the computer. 1988 bathtub JiaoGong generally only six hours, a day, probably 10 yuan money, but we have been very satisfied, at the time 300 multivariate money one month's salary is very high.

in time from work we also go out to help the director to do farm work in the home. Gradually started to build the first industrial zone, kengzi town industrial zone in electronics factory, electroplating factory, the largest plastic pet dog toy factory, I remember doing evade glue factory has more than 6, we also often ask do peer friends, their wages are similar with us. In addition to the construction of industrial zone, the workers more and more, also started the new market. Other facilities also entered the busy construction.

very satisfied, also very happy, because of which there are 300 multivariate money a month is high salary.

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