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by:Zhierde     2020-12-02
Believe that every child grow up is a doll with its hand, in a sense, a child means doll, the doll also means that children. But the reporter visited the market before see young hipsters buy dolls are enjoying let a person not regrets, the original love doll more young hipsters. With plastic pet dog toy factory to look at!

guangzhou popular Hong Kong 'evade glue fair young'

reporter discovery, the traditional 'clay doll', guangzhou have taken their place in Hong Kong to the competitive 'evade glue fair young' Fried, various styles bizarre, exaggerated modelling, style is lively 'evade glue fair young' is becoming a guangzhou people to be bestowed favor on newly.

reporter in guangzhou cartoon star city, a model shop to see a lot of strange, evade glue fair young custom sizes, such as wearing fashionable blonde, covered with armor space fighter, the head is bigger than the body of the elves, a hilarious funny character, etc. , with exaggeration, abstract, form unique charm to attract boys and girls. According to the boss, come here to buy doll customers most are young gens, even on weekends or holidays when both hands are full.

the model shop boss Chen, evade glue just do general material of pet dog toys, evade glue doll is hollow inside and outside smooth and elastic, and the figures of the 'body' is not a whole, it is made up of different 'parts' Mosaic, players can buy home enjoying a 'whole', also can buy back a bunch of 'parts' spells build by laying bricks or stones, slowly enjoy the pleasure of writing. In addition, evade glue fair young design hyperbole, abstract, informal, stressing individuality, it is very much in the concept of modern, this also is the main cause of its popularity. Cartoon in addition to the guangzhou metro, dongchuan road shops in guangzhou city, guangdong province, some boutiques, near the museum can also see the figure of young people choose evade glue fair young. O study in guangzhou university of super more often to order directly to the owners, he smiled and explained, so you can get the latest and best styles.

it is worth mentioning, does not evade glue fair son like 'clay doll', become a popular pet dog toys, we have a limited number of evade glue fair son, has dozens of less, but YiLiangQianGe. In guarantee its personalized at the same time, the price is very high, a lining plastic people frequently hundreds or even thousands of yuan, so love to play evade glue fair young man, but must be on their own pockets.

nostalgic pet dog toys appear in the model shop

everything someone love, modern people like to collect, some like to collect art, some like to collect the stone, and collect pet dog toy has also become a kind of fashion now. Everyone don't collect the purpose of the pet dog toys, children collect pet dog toy is passionate about the value of play, big friends collect pet dog toy is a want to remember my childhood, to retrieve past childlike innocence. Model shop boss Chen told reporters, doll as a kind of trend of the industry, as well as the fashion industry, figures recently also blow nostalgia, in addition to the ideas, shrek monsters, Dr IQ, dragon nostalgic pet dog toys also frequently appear on the window of the model shop.

model does not matter, can't find your favorite cartoon characters in the moment of the DIY era, you can also put their own original cartoon model. Reporters visited the market found that now many pet dog toy shop or model shop rolls out DIY business, customers can choose their favorite cartoon character DIY on the pillows, cups, clothes, and even can customize their favorite cartoon model, you can choose to have character model size and height, but the whole production cycle is long, probably need a week, and the price is more expensive, each ranging from 200 yuan to 600 yuan.

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