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Zhengzhou city CDC: spring is wary of pet dogs and dog toy cuts

by:Zhierde     2020-12-02
( Reading] With spring flowers, more and more people to join to the outskirts of spring outing. Spring is also a dog estrus and cat be in love period, the annual mating mostly done in this period. The pet dog and dog toy mood as spring flowers, more and more people to join to the outskirts of spring outing. Spring is also a dog estrus and cat be in love period, the annual mating mostly done in this period. Where dogs and dog toy is a big emotional ups and downs, irascible irritable, angry will hurt, combined with the citizens of wearing clothing gradually reduce, thus more increase the risk of pet dogs and dog toy hurt, easy to cause the occurrence of rabies. To this, the zhengzhou city center for disease control and prevention ( Hereinafter referred to as the zhengzhou city center for disease control and prevention) Health tips, warns a citizen: spring flowers of pet dogs and dog toy attacks.
zhengzhou zhan-wei liu, director of the centers for disease control and preventive medicine clinic warns a citizen, if during this time found himself dog likes to interact with other dogs, not hard, want to let nature take its course; The dog for a walk time is relatively fixed; Pet dogs and dog toys when mating don't force them apart, because at this point it to the person's injuries biggest; Pet dogs and dog toys are eating mammals, should avoid to soothe tease physical touch, such as it pick on anger. In addition, when dealing with a pet dog and the dog toys, to avoid making any sudden moves. Because even well-intentioned, also can make them feel threatened, attack. If you want to contact with pet dogs and dog toys, it is best to slow down, don't stir up them, make them feel safe and reliable.
in addition, the spring flowers, is a good season, people travel together zhan-wei liu warns a citizen, when the spring outing in the wild, try not to sit on the floor, don't feed the wild animals or stray cats, dogs, to avoid the attack. It is reported, dogs, cats, rabbits, pigs, rats, monkeys and other animals are easy to attack humans estrus in warm-blooded animals.
zhan-wei liu said, rabies is very dangerous, once the incidence, mortality rate of 100%, at present there is no effective treatment for this disease, but can be prevented completely. At present, the vaccine is the best way to prevent rabies, citizens once hurt by animals, it should be immediately to the regular rabies outpatient clinic in a timely manner. For increasing coefficient of insurance, under the economic conditions permit, can also be exposed before immune, especially children, and often have a close contact with people and animals. Zhan-wei liu stressed at the same time, even if it looks healthy dogs, cats and other animals, their saliva also may have rabies virus, if humans and their sex or being bitten by them, scratches, etc. , will be infected with the virus.
in addition, zhan-wei liu warns a citizen special attention is that, in order to reduce the incidence of rabies, household pet dogs and dog toys for best vaccination.

links also called hydrophobic, rabies is a zoonotic caused by rabies virus of acute infectious disease of the central nervous system. Rabies virus is mainly spread through saliva, see more at dogs, cats and other animals. Of human infection with the rabies virus, its morbidity and mortality of almost 100%.
after being bitten by dogs and dog toy accurately and timely deal with the wound, is the first line of defense for the prevention and control of rabies. The specific method is: use 20% of the soap and water or 1% of the new jie er destroyed thoroughly clean 15 & ndash; The 20 minutes, with 2% 3% tincture of iodine or 75% alcohol local disinfection;
the local wound does not suture, bandaging, besmear ointment, no powder and wound poison, such as head and facial, or wound is large and deep, and large blood vessels needed stitches bandage, should not interfere with drainage, washing and disinfecting the premise, guarantee sufficient suture after dealing with antiserum;
can use tetanus antitoxin and other anti-infective treatment at the same time to control rabies infections, other than for serious bite to grasp the injured should be injected with rabies immunoglobulin or anti-rabies serum for passive immunization, and then in a timely manner to be vaccinated against rabies. In general, at the beginning of the vaccine after the first dose of objects within 7 to produce antibodies, 14 achieve protective antibody concentration level in the body.
as a result, the early vaccination, must rely on rabies vaccination passive immunity preparation get protective antibodies to neutralize the wound around there may be a virus. For severe bites, passive immunity preparation and rabies vaccine used in combination, can maximum limit to prevent the occurrence of rabies. Must finish the entire immune vaccinated against rabies, otherwise can't guarantee the body to produce adequate levels of protective antibody so as to effectively prevent rabies.
in addition, during the injection of rabies vaccine, should avoid to drink, drink strong tea, coffee, Try to eat less excitant food; At the same time, avoid catch cold catch cold, vigorous exercise or fatigue, prevent colds.
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